The eye that sees everything (after Man Ray, 1919)

Smoke and Mirrors

There is no doubt that we are under surveillance more today than ever. From close-circuit cameras in cities and towns to our phones and laptops and ‘smart’ equipment in our homes. Whatever we do through any kind of transaction we can be tracked and monitored. AI has revolutionised the processing of our movements and actions, making it very easy to get and store information on us. Tony Blair in his recent Conference The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change talked about making an extraordinary 10 billion in income for the Government each year by selling our biometric data stored on the N.H.S. I don’t remember giving my consent to my data, including my unique genetic code, being shared and sold. And I wonder who will be buying this extremely sensitive and personal information, and how they intend to use it?

Oil on Canvas
16 x 16 inches